Rodent Control

Rodent & Wildlife Removal, Prevention and Control

You can feel confident calling our top-rated pest control company about rodent removal, prevention or control, or other pest or wildlife service.
We also specialize in family and pet-friendly solutions and our technicians are highly trained to provide excellent, safe service. You and your property will be treated with the respect and attention you and your family deserve.

Our highly trained exterminators will identify and eliminate all your rodent and wildlife from your home or business

  • Ongoing Service Plans for Rodent Control
  • Expert Rodent Control for Commercial & Residential Buildings
  • Pre- Demolition Rodent Baiting for NYC (as required by local building codes for construction and renovation work)

– Place tamper resistant rodent stations on property & Treat demolition site with rodenticide
– File certificate to NYCDOH & Present you the certificific

Services Provided

  • Inspection reports for your business, and home
  • Identification of species causing damage
  • Use of humane and responsible wildlife trapping and removal methods
  • Exclusion Services to prevent re-entry
  • Assist homeowners on how to eliminate future problem (ie. landscape issues, food sources, and possible construction flaws.)​
  • Proper licensing and training in wildlife
  • Knowledge of federal, state, and local wildlife control regulations and requirements
  • Experience handling wildlife related insurance claim